This year, we decided to do something a little different for our annual fundraiser...something that will build character and encourage students to serve our community, while also raising funds for our school. We can’t wait to see the positive effect your participation in this fundraiser will have on our school and in our community.  

How it works: Students register through the Raise Craze website by clicking on the register now button below. They will select at least three Acts of Kindness to organize or participate in. They’ll enter the email addresses of friends and family for donations; once entered, the Raise Craze platform will handle all communications so students can focus on serving the community.

Timing: The Do Good a-thon will kick off  on October 5th and run until October 19th.

Goal: Our goal for the 2017/2018 school year is two-fold:

1) Raise $35,000 (roughly $100 per student) primarily to supply the new Innovation Lab with added technology. 
2) Promote a culture of kindness and service among our student community.

Current Stats

$20,135 Raised    336 Registered Participants    1149 Acts of Kindness Completed    1 Days Left

Kindness rewards

  • Set up your fundraising page by October 10th and receive a collectable keychain.
  • Complete 3 Acts of Kindness and receive a second collectable keychain.
  • Complete the Fox Mill (in-school) Kindness Challenge to be entered to win Principal for the Day.
  • The 3 classes that complete the most Acts of Kindness will receive an ice cream party on October 23rd!
  • The Kindness Award will go to the 3 students who complete the most Acts of Kindness, prize includes a trophy, Amazon Fire 8 HD 32gig tablet and more!

Tag your photos on instagram

We want to see how you're serving the community! Post a pic to instagram with the tag #FoxMillKindness and it'll appear on this page! 


+ How do I donate if I'm not affiliated with the school?

We would love that! Go here: to make a donation through our general Fox Mill page.

+ I would like to participate in the Acts of Kindness aspect but do not want to solicit donations, can I still participate?

Absolutely! One of our goals is to promote a culture of kindness and service among our student community and complete 1,000 Acts of Kindness. You can still register, track your Acts of Kindness and win prizes without soliciting donations.

How do I join Fox Mill's Light the Night team?

To join the Fox Mill team, click on this link: Each registered participant will receive a lantern. If you would like to sign your child up as a participant but would not like to use a seperate email address for them, you can email Jessica at the address below to be manually added to the team roster:

+ I need to be walked through how to sign up, is there a video?

Yes! This instructional video walks you through the Raise Craze system and how to sign up. The 'secret code' referenced in the video is already included in the registration link on this page. If you need it for another reason it's AG1MFJ

Raise Craze Instructional from Raise Craze on Vimeo.

+ What is Fox Mill's secret code?

The 'secret code' is already included in the registration link on this page, but if you need it for another reason, it's AG1MFJ

+ Do kids do Acts of Kindness for donors or in exchange for donations?

No, kids select and pledge to do Acts of Kindness as a way to 'pay it forward' to potential donors. They are not determined by donors or in exchange for donations. The Acts of Kindness are selected by the student based on their interests.

+ How many emails do you send to each supporter that I enter?

We will send up to three personalized emails. The first one will inform supporters of your fundraiser and will go out the minute you press "send email". The second will go out halfway through, reminding them to donate. The final will go out towards the end of your fundraiser as a "last chance to give". Every supporter who donates will also receive a "thank you" email. Each supporter has the option to unsubscribe, in which case they will not receive any additional emails.

+ Can I create my own Acts of Kindness?

Absolutely! During set up, you can add your own acts of kindness at the bottom of the suggested acts of kindness list. After set up, just login and click the "Edit" tab to add more.

Your personal website donation link is where supporters will be directed to make a donation. Each participant has their own personal fundraising page. Supporters will see your picture (if you uploaded one!), a description as well as your selections for how you are giving back. Your link can be found on the top of your Dashboard. Text it to friends and share it on social media!

+ Who receives replies to emails sent from the Raise Craze System?

You do! Responses will will go directly back to you at the email address you used to set up your account. We don't want you to miss any important messages!

+ I want to organize a supply drive for Jill's house but can't find a list of supplies needed?

Go to for a full listing of supplies needed. The one's highlighted in yellow have the greatest need.

+ Who should I contact if I have a question about the fundraiser?

If you have a question, we'd love to answer it, please send an email over to and you'll get a quick response