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The Yearbook needs YOU to submit photos!

Deadline to submit yearbook photos is APRIL 1st!

~Help Get All Activities into the Yearbook~

We want to be sure to have all of our classes, grade level events, assemblies, clubs, groups, and school wide activities well represented in this years Yearbook!  We are looking for parents to submit photos for possible inclusion in the yearbook, throughout the year! 

To submit a photo all you have to do is email it to fmesyearbook@gmail.com – easy!  We don’t label the pictures, so we don’t need to know the name of everyone in the photo – but please do let us know if it’s a picture from a certain class, grade, event, or club, so that we can place the picture on the right page.

We would love to have a selection of candid shots as well as posed, individuals or small groups, we need a wide variety!  Cell phone pictures are perfectly fine!  

Without your help, some of the great activities at our school may end up underrepresented in the yearbook.  Help Foxy and all our friends be able to relive this year with a great yearbook!

If you have a lot of pictures that you would like to submit all at once, or if you have any questions at all, please contact us at fmesyearbook@gmail.com.