School-Wide Japanese Art Week

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Fox Mill School-wide Japanese Art Week is coming up next week December 4 - 10! During their regularly scheduled art class that week, All Art Classes will have a special Japanese art lesson. 

 Many volunteers are needed! No Japanese language ability needed! Volunteers will help in the classroom, interact with the kids, meet other parents, and hopefully learn something new about Japanese culture!  

 Our theme this year is Japanese Tanabata (Star Festival), a colorful summer celebration of hopes and dreams.

 We will have a presentation about Tanabata and read the Japanese folktale of Orihime and Hikoboshi. Our art teachers will then show the children several decorations they can make to hang on their paper bamboo stalk. 

Parents will be in the classroom to assist in gathering and setting up supplies, 

offering encouragement to the students while they work, and collecting unused supplies at the end of the project. Total time commitment is about an hour.

 This is an easy way to help out in the classroom and spend time with your child!

 Ask your child when he/she has art class so you can sign up to volunteer!

 Thank you!

 JCC Co-Chairs