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At Fox Mill this fall, we are now in the process of creating our Odyssey teams. Odyssey of the Mind is a problem solving, creativity program for kids from K-12. Our school has different teams in different grades and would love to have more kids and parents involved. We will then spend from October to March 2020 solving a creative problem, then present their solutions at a regional competition. The teams do ALL the work and come up with ALL the ideas, encouraged by parent coaches. The hallmark of an Odyssey solution is that it is student-driven. For more information:

The number of Odyssey teams at Fox Mill will be dictated by the number of parents who are willing to coach, judge at the regional competition, and otherwise help out — as well as by the number of students who are interested in participating.

Please go to pay4schoolstuff to get registered!

Please contact the School Coordinador, Vanessa Cossio, at if you have any questions.