JCC February Meeting and Volunteers Needed for Matsuri!

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WHAT:        February JCC Meeting    
WHEN:        Wednesday, February 13, 9 am    
WHERE:      Fox Mill Cafeteria
WHO:           Everyone is welcome!

 MATSURI Japanese Festival 2019 (Friday, May 3, 6-9pm)

 We have confirmed many of our Coordinators for this year's festival, however many positions are open and WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! This event TRULY takes a VILLAGE!!! PLEASE let us know if you are able to volunteer for one of the following coordinator positions. We will fully support you in your role, you will not be alone!! 

 Audio Coordinator

Contact school before Matsuri to arrange to use equipment at Matsuri. On night of event, set-up microphone and speakers in gym.

 Craft/Origami Coordinator (2 co-coordinators needed)

Plan 2-3 crafts using origami or other craft supplies. Order supplies and manage the table on the night of Matsuri. We already have supplies and craft ideas from last year, so you can absolutely use those if you prefer not to try out a new craft. You will have student volunteers to help you the night of Matsuri.

 Fish Prints (1 co-coordinator needed)

Work with one other experienced coordinator. Prepare tempera paint and brayers, trays, water tubs, table coverings, 2 long tables, paper, JCC rubber sea creatures for prints. Contact Mrs. Welles to borrow drying rack.

 Calligraphy Coordinator (1 co-coordinator needed)

Work with one other experienced coordinator. Assist teachers with calligraphy on night of Matsuri

 First Grade Performance Coordinator

Assist Nakayama sensei with permission form as needed. Gather first grade students in the music room at 5:45 pm on night of event, help get them dressed in their happi coats, lead them to the gym, lead them back from the gym when the performance is over.

 JCC Sales Table (1 co-coordinator needed)

Work with 2 other experienced coordinators. Inventory current sales items. Order additional items as needed. Price items. Set-up sales table and Supervise sales on night of Matsuri.

 Petty Cash Coordinator (1 co-coordinator needed)

Work with one other experienced coordinator. Get cash boxes and money from Treasurer. At Masturi - distribute, collect and count money from various sales areas.

 Snack/Japanese Drinks Coordinator (1 co-coordinator needed)

Work with 2 other experienced coordinators. Purchase Japanese snacks and drinks from warehouse vendor. Pick up order from vendor. Set-up at Matsuri, work and supervise shifts.

 Food Station Coordinator (1 co-coordinator needed)

Work with 2 other experienced coordinators. Prepare food at home with other volunteers for our food sale stations. Serve food on the night of Matsuri. Food stations are: Beef Teriyaki and Curry Rice

 Ticket Coordinator (2 coordinators needed)

Track wristband orders via Pay4SchoolStuff. Order wristbands from vendor, distribute wristbands in Thursday packets the week before Matsuri. Last year's coordinator is available to train and assist as needed.


 The Japanese Culture Club is led by South Lakes HS Japanese Honor Society students who started in the JI program in 1st grade and have continued their Japanese studies through their school careers. These high school seniors are great role models and excited about Japanese culture. They create and present the material and club participants have fun while learning. Participants will play Japanese games, learn Japanese songs and dances, pop culture, hear Japanese stories, and create Japanese art. Japanese Culture Club participants will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting trivia competition during the Third Annual Junior Japan Bowl. Students will practice answering the Jr. Japan Bowl trivia questions at our weekly meetings. All club participants will compete against each other in a Preliminary Jr. Japan Bowl at Fox Mill. Students selected for the final Jr. Japan Bowl will compete against Great Falls Elementary in the Spring.

This club will run February - April, Wednesdays after school from 3:30-4:45WE NEED A VOLUNTEER to help supervise this club. We have currently have 2 supervisors, however we need an additional person to take turns being present the afternoons of the club.