THIS WEEK is Teacher Appreciation Week!


We are SO excited to show our teachers and school how much we appreciate them! 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7th is COMPLIMENT DAY - Send your kids to school prepared with their best compliments for teachers & staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Here are some great examples:

  • “You're an awesome Teacher!”

  •  " Thanks for helping me learn!”

  • “You bring out the best in people!”

  • “You're a great listener!”

  • “You're inspiring!”

  • “Our school is better because you're in it! “

  • “You're so thoughtful!”

  •   “Thank you for all you do!”

We could not do this without your help! Its not too late to donate for TAW, please see the link below, every little bit helps! Thank you for your support!

Teacher Appreciation week 2019.png